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You Know You’re From Florida When…#YouGetThisList

It’s no secret that the Sunshine State has an incredible amount of differences than her 47 neighbors to the north (Alaska and Hawaii are in leagues of their own) and native Floridians are proud of where they come from. Even if one has only lived in Florida a short while, one starts to understand and even become numb to the noteworthy idiosyncrasies.


You know you’re from Florida when…

  1. You understand that Florida is three separate states–South FL, Central FL and North FL…all-encompassing strange idiosyncrasies northerners just don’t understand. #FLproblems
  2. You have a love/hate relationship with winter (non-scorching heat/water’s cold, warm holiday season/Snowbirds) #conflicted
  3. You know that Snowbird is a word…and you know their timeline. #leavealready
  4. Anything below 60 degrees and the parkas come out. #freezingtodeath
  5. Key Lime pie is the only pie.  #letthetruthbetold
  6. UF vs FSU is the biggest rival in sports. #Period
  7. You are numb to the strangest news stories known to man. #eh
  8. You are in awe of snow (if you’ve ever seen it.) #winterwonderland
  9. There are four www.healthcarewell.com/online-pharmacy/ seasons: Hurricane, Lovebug, Tourist, and Summer. #bedifferent
  10. Publix. #thatwillbeall
  11. “Up north” still means the deep south. #fact
  12. The idea of a tanning bed is incredibly absurd. #gooutside
  13. The scariest thing about a tropical storm is figuring out what beer to bring to the Hurricane Party. #beermebro
  14. You own more bathing suits than sneakers. #igotmyswimtrunks
  15. Shoes are for work meetings only. #andmyflippyfloppies
  16. It is necessary for your “ugly sweater” at Christmas parties to be short sleeved. #heatstroke
  17. Even if you have a 1 bedroom home you have roommates. #Lizards
  18. You would rather walk to Tampa from Sarasota than drive during tourist season. #kiddingnotkidding
  19. You know Disney World better than any tour guide there. #beenhereamilliontimes
  20. Sunglasses are as pivotal to your survival as drinking water. #neverforget
  21. You despise the question “where do you go for Spring break?” #northerners…
  22. Driveways exist in fairy tales. #grassallday
  23. You are confused why anyone would check the weather in summer…you know what the weather will be. #sameraindifferentday
  24. Cuban sandwiches just don’t impress you. #oldnews
  25. You know a tourist when you see one. #lost




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