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Top 5 Networking Tips

  1. Pull out 3 business cards. Make it a goal to give them out to people you do not know at the event.
    Don’t try and meet everyone you do not know. Relax and get to know a few new people at each meeting.


  1. Do not sit next to someone you already know.


  1. Keep conversations short, to the point, and sincere. Look people in the eye. Smile. Ask them about themselves and get them talking. Easy topics to talk about are: Favorite movies or TV shows. This will help both of you relax. Be sure to tell them what you do as well. Move on before it gets hard to continue the discussion.


  1. Bring others into the conversation. Introduce someone you know into your conversation.


  1. Write notes on their business card to help you remember them. Send a personal note later or put the comment
    into your notes in your contact management program to help you remember where you first met.

Networking can be Fun!

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