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Top 10 Tips for Blogs & Content Writing


  1. Quality will always trump quantity in the world of marketing. Would you rather write six blogs in one month, which may cause a flood of information overload, or display your artful writing pieces twice a month with fruitful, substantial and informative composition?


  1. Personalize your material. Make sure that you create and foster your persona on each piece of writing you create. Image is everything and you want yours to be unique. If you have a certain style or artistic niche you incorporate in your writing, use it. If you are particularly skilled at professing certain topics, do it.


  1. Encompassing multimedia in your blog is borderline necessity. The days where people enjoyed reading web content without the use of pictures or videos is dwindling away. Don’t fall behind the 8 ball. Lastly, if you don’t know what an infographic is…find out and make one!


  1. Harness your inner statistician. Market research and statistics are pivotal in gaining audience’s trust with what you preach. If you don’t do your homework then your audience/target market will surely suspect that you may not be the right match for them.


  1. In honor of “Back to The Future Day” last week, use market predictions to show your audience you have studied your industry and you are competent. Even though Doc was wrong in Back to the Future, he sure did get a lot of attention from his bold prediction with the Cubs winning the 2015 World Series!


  1. Every piece of writing must have a call to action. Just like your website, Facebook page or fliers you handout at a networking event. There is ALWAYS a call to action. Why else would you write blogs for marketing purposes if there is none?


  1. Have fun with it. If you are not being creative with writing about your passion, then the content will reflect it. In turn, your client base will reflect it. Writing (as well as marketing as a whole) should be full of passion and innovation. You don’t have to impress an audience full of Rhetoric and Composition doctoral students, just impress your target audience with your competency and passion.


  1. Network through your writing. Reach out and connect with professionals in your area whom you may want to cross-promote with. Mention these new business partners in your writing and share their events. If you are mutually working an event together, share that. In addition, cross promote content via your email lists, guest posts and social media.


  1. In addition to market statistics, incorporate a poll or survey. This covers both a call to action and promotes solid market research. Who doesn’t like taking a fun quiz to test their knowledge?


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The driving force behind your web presence. “Keywords” embedded into your content will ultimately rank you higher on search engine search results such as Google. This is one of the most important practices you must utilize as a content writer for marketing purposes.



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