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Stand Out with Eye-Catching Business Cards

First impressions are important, so make yours unforgettable! Stand out from the rest with impressive, high-quality business cards. Business cards showcase your professionalism; If you hand out flimsy, poorly designed cards, it can make you look more unprofessional than not having cards at all!

Your Personal Marketing Material

Business cards are an extremely effective marketing tool, working for weeks, months, or even years after they have left your hands! Your cards get shown to others and shared between contacts and colleagues. That being said, you want to invest in cards that are durable. If your business cards are being crumpled and ripped as you pull them from your pocket, chances are they will just be thrown out once received by the potential client.

First Impressions are Everything

According to a study by Statistic Brain Research Institute, a whopping 72% of people form an opinion about a company by the quality of their business card, and 39% of people would not do business with a company if they have low-quality cards. So let’s say you are at a networking event and you hand your card out to ten people. If you have low-quality cards, seven of those ten people already have a negative view of your business and 3-4 of those people won’t even think about doing business with you.

Be Creative

Display your creativity! Your business cards should accurately represent you and your business. Your design aesthetic should align with your brand. Consider design elements that will make your cards stand out, such as UV coatings to make images or words pop, or rounded corners to give your cards a more sleek, modern look.

Business cards are essential for networking and in-person encounters, but don’t forget they can redirect others to your digital platforms. Make sure to include your social platforms on your cards!

IAS can help you design the perfect business card that will be sure to impress anyone that gets their hands on one.

Form valuable professional relationships and stand out from the rest with a unique and memorable business card. The graphic designers at IAS Marketing Services, with their years of experience, will ensure your card is appreciated and remembered by all.

Our high-quality finishes also ensure your card will hold up no matter how many times it is shuffled around.

Give Your Cards an Additional Purpose: Your business card has the potential to do more than just promote your name- it can also serve as a coupon, appointment reminder, or map. Looking for a card that can transform into a phone stand or has a USB drive built-in? We have anything to suit your unique needs!

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