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Social Media Trends to Adapt in 2019

Social media has consistently changed throughout time and continues to do so. The content consumption habits of its users also continue to change. Small businesses and brands must keep themselves ahead of the curve and up to speed on the latest trends so they can devise an effective social media strategy. Here are some trends that you should know about and possibly adapt in 2019:

1. Rise of User-Generated Content: Because of the immediate availability of information, customers have the tendency to conduct thorough research before buying. The process of purchasing is no longer as simple as going to a traditional brick-and-mortar store and picking up a product. Referrals and publicity are playing a larger and larger role in consumer purchasing decisions. Leverage ‘UGC’ by creating social media contests where users have to share your post or share a story/experience with your product. This creates brand awareness, engages your audience and requires minimal investment.

2. Chatbots & Messaging Apps Gain Ground: Businesses are providing a variety of channels for customers to reach out. Apps such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram Messaging have made it easier for businesses to connect to their customers. Chatbots offer more personalized interactions, are easy to use, faster and provide instantaneous customer service. They can also be programmed to answer basic customer inqueries.

3. Augmented Reality: ‘AR’ is taking baby steps into the social media domain in the form of facial filters, geo-filters, etc. You should devise creative ways to take advantage of current and upcoming augmented reality features. They provide more engaging and interactive experiences to your customers.

4. Business LinkedIn Pages Will Gain Prominence: If you’re an entrepreneur, you most likely have a business LinkedIn page.. but when was the last time you gave it any thought, let alone posted to it? LinkedIn is planning on rolling out more features on the platform to give it a competitive advantage to Facebook in that you can better advertise your products and services.

5. Influencers Will Continue to Grow Their Communities: Influencer marketing will continue to develop on social media in 2019. Influencers are social media figures who have gathered a defined community around themselves. Their large followings (from thousands to millions of followers) give them a tremendous amount of influence over others. They can be just as effective as traditional salespeople because people inherently trust them. When done well, influencer marketing gives a human voice to brands and creates an authentic way of connecting to your target market.

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