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Print and Digital Marketing for Success

Many companies today believe that the print and paper industry is a thing of the past and therefore might be missing out on the opportunity to drive revenue. Today especially, businesses must have a marketing strategy in place. Because there are so many platforms and means of communication available, identifying where to focus might seem difficult. Many brands are increasing investments in technology to increase revenue through digital content and advertising.

Print Media is still viable: Recent research has indicated that the key to effective marketing may not be to allocate all resources toward Internet-based platforms, but to distribute them between both print and digital. Paper materials are still an incredibly powerful tool for targeting shoppers (and in some cases, more effective than digital marketing). A recent study has also revealed the majority of consumers stated print and mail media was the primary channel through which they obtained information and made purchasing decisions.

Combine paper ads with online marketing: A digital presence is definitely a necessity for brands in today’s market. Combining the two mediums can have success for your business. First, determine which platform your target market is accessing the most and then assess their purchasing behavior. Are they researching your product online then buying in store? By incorporating QR (Quick Response) labels and other types of barcoding tech into your printed materials, companies can keep on eye on which campaign is being accessed. This can lead to increased digital activity.

Social Media: Platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are ideal platforms to reach a wide audience without spending a fortune. Your digital campaigns can be easily shared along with your printed materials.

Combine Strategies: Though the processes of digital and print marketing can differ greatly, there are numerous ways to utilize data obtained by one to improve the other. Though the internet is clearly gaining popularity, it is imperative marketers realize the risk of abandoning print materials completely.

By partnering with an innovative print and digital solutions provider (such as #teamIAS), brands can take their advertising efforts to the next level.

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