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Marketing Strategies for Football Season

The long wait is finally over, folks! Time to wipe the dust off of your tailgating equipment and favorite jersey! We have finally crossed the “summer sports desert” in one piece and football season is finally upon us. Yes, sports such as basketball and hockey are fun and have their niches, but they don’t resonate with the general American public like football does! It’s not just football fans that are gearing up for the season from every corner of our country, but marketers who are also ready to pull out their tricks and strategies in order to promote their products, brands and businesses during peak times. Here are several ideas to keep in mind as a digital marketing professional when preparing your strategy for the upcoming season…

Get in on the conversation! People will be chatting about football nonstop, so why not join in? Just a few social media posts over the weekend about the team your business prefers can go a long way. Pay attention to which hashtags are trending and utilize them within your posts.

Create football related content. This season, posting anything that involves football is almost guaranteed to ignite! Use a football theme on a promotion or post to spark some interest. If you have a physical storefront, offer specials to anyone that wears your home team’s logo.

When are people watching? Saturday and Sunday is a 2-day blitz of football craziness! Therefore, it is your responsibility to determine at which times the major games are on and when people in your specific geographical area will be in on the “digital madness”. Millions and millions of football fans will be frenetically posting to social media about what is going on! Figure out the high and low times, and prepare a plan to post content during peak times. This is where scheduled posts come in handy!

Get your office involved! This is a tip that could work for almost any business. Pick a day to show support for your home team: forgetting the suit and rocking your favorite jersey can resonate with your clientele. You can even put together a party at your office where you can watch the game together. Remember to post ALL about it on your social media pages!

It is clear that as marketers, there are plenty of small steps that can be taken this football season to “sharpen your marketing swords.” It is easy to capitalize by paying attention to primetime and adding a little bit of a “football theme” to your content.

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