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Marketing Key: Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience seems pretty straight forward. But is it? When you reach your target audience, should your target change? Will you ever truly reach your target audience? These are questions that have been on the mind of marketers since marketing has existed.

To be successful in marketing, start by identifying your target audience to develop the best plan to reach them and convey your message.

Jim Joseph gives an excellent example of how to identify your target audience by looking at your current audience. His article “The Most Important Piece of a Marketing Plan is Your Targeted Customer” was contributed toEntrepreneur.com and can be viewed HERE.

In his article he lays out four subjects to consider: Universal Truths, New and Different (Trends), Trending, and Expectations.

The following is an example of how a U.S. Car Brand might identify thier target audience:

“Universal truths: Cars continue to be a status symbol. Customers continue to choose cars based on the statement that they want to make to others.

Trends: Choosing more shopantibioticsonline.com efficient cars have become a new kind of status. It’s not really about how much money you spend on a car, but more about the intelligence of your choice.

Trending: More and more customers are starting to use car-sharing services instead of buying a car of their own.

Expectations: Car services such as Uber will become more prevalent and could further dampen the car market in the future, as they take hold in more and more markets.”

Using this information and way of thinking can help you adapt to the changing market you are in and cater to the ever-changing consumer.

Making a marketing plan isn’t as simple as deciding how and when to spend your dollars. It takes insight and detailed planning to execute an effective campaign. If you find yourself stuck or not sure of your options, give IAS a call. Our goal is to make the most out of every budget.

Good luck out there, future Marketing Superstars!

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