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Marketing in 100 Years

I know what you are thinking… ‘100 years?! The retirement landscape may be bad but I sure hope I am done by then’ – and I am sure you will be. This article is meant to help you look forward in general.

It occurred to me over the weekend how marketing has changed in the past 10 years, and boy has it changed a lot. In the past ten years we have seen Social Media come onto the scene, the rise of SEO, and the importance of digital presence. These changes have been fueled by technological advances in two ways. First, because of technology, we are capable of having an online presence and keeping close track of it. Secondly, we have witnessed the consumer utilize technology to assist in making an informed purchase.

When I think 100 years into the future, I think robots. So let’s start there. Robots in every home and office. Will they make suggestions based on our activity and preferences? Your personal assistant robot or homemaker robot operating system may offer companies ad space or time. Maybe, while you are doing the laundry, the robot asks you if you would try a new detergent; of course he could order you a sample if you are interested. Or your robot may tell you about the housing market and offer to connect you with improvehearingnaturally.com neighborhood agents when you are looking to move.

Before the robot invasion, we may see an influx of smart devices that project images or holograms. Businesses would have to make their marketing work for these types of devices. Logos and brands would have to be considered as 3D objects. It will become even easier for a potential client or customer to see reviews, watch videos, and know your brand inside and out.

Will we see an end to shopping in stores? New technology could bring us to a place where shopping is a thing of the past. Delivery by drone could be set up on a recurring basis for groceries, of course your fridge will know when you are low on milk, so don’t worry about checking that. How can marketing be done to consumers who have been taken out of the process?

As marketers, we don’t have to live 100 years ahead, but staying ahead (or on top) of the trends can make all the difference. This forward thinking mentality is especially important for small and personal businesses who have big companies with big bank accounts to compete with. In our technological environment, everyday can be a learning experience, because everyday there is some new innovation. It doesn’t matter your speed, as long as you keep moving forward.

Good luck out there, marketing superstars.

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