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Is Your Facebook Page Generating Business?

Did you know 77% of realtors say they use social media, yet only 3% say that is has had a significant ROI? This does not have to be the case for all real estate professionals as Facebook can be an incredibly useful tool.  It is possible to earn new business by determining whether or not your Facebook page is optimized to capture leads.

Facebook business pages show up in Google searches, creating search engine optimization (SEO) value. It is therefore essential to keep your page fresh and updated by revising text, images and posts at least monthly. Do your Facebook posts have a call to action? Some businesses have a ‘call now’ or ‘book an appointment’ button directly within their cover photos to drive traffic. Be sure to fill out each section of your Facebook business page in its entirety, as text helps improve search engine rankings. Are there photos of your latest listings on your page? Buyers searching for homes want to see organized, high quality images of homes when browsing as these add value for prospects. Finally, it is essential to review your page analytics. Take note of your engagement. If your page engagement drops or is low, it is time to revise your call to action or content.

For a complete guide on how to perform a Facebook business page audit to produce more business, refer to this article from the National Association of Realtors: https://bit.ly/2vEF3AP

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