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Integrating QR Codes into Your Marketing Strategy

In a world where digital media is flourishing, people are using their devices now more than ever before! Providing smartphone users with instant information is the reason why QR codes are so successful.

QR codes are everywhere nowadays, from menu codes at restaurants to coupon codes in retail stores, and even for digital business cards! These easy-to-use codes are taking over by providing consumers with a quick way to access relevant information at their fingertips. If you haven’t already, you’ll certainly want to start implementing QR codes into your marketing strategy!

What are QR Codes?

Short for Quick Response, QR codes are the scannable codes you see just about everywhere now; They are super simple! Just face your camera towards the code and a link will pop up for you to click on. It’s all about getting information fast, especially in the world of marketing.

Ways to use QR Codes in Marketing?

There are plenty of ways you can optimize your marketing efforts with QR codes! Check out these great examples.

Increase Website Visitors

Once you have a website established for your business, you’ll be looking to drive traffic to it. QR codes are a great option for this. Once your QR code is generated, you’ll want to put it everywhere! You never know who will get curious and scan your code. Add it to business cards, flyers, mailings, promo items, etc. Once scanned, the QR code will instantly land them on your website.

Convert Sales

No one has time to break out the scissors and cut coupons anymore. Digital coupons are a lifesaver. A coupon QR code is a digital coupon that is accessed by a simple scan.

Get More Reviews

Looking to generate more reviews? Try a feedback QR code that gives consumers the flexibility to fill-out questionnaires or write a review on their device.

Locate Business

QR codes make it easy to look up your business’s location. You can have the code set to pull up your exact location in maps where they can easily get directions.

Easy Contact

During networking events, you’ll definitely be interacting and engaging with possible clients/business partners and exchanging contact information. Make it easy for them to scan your number right into their phone by scanning your code.

Direct to Social Media Platforms

Increase your page views and following by linking your social platforms to your scannable code.

What type of QR code do I need?

Static QR codes are a one-and-done type of deal. They are useful if you only need to generate them once. The major downfall is that these codes cannot be tracked or edited after they’re generated.

Dynamic QR codes, on the other hand, offer so much more. They allow you to track and edit the content at any time. This gives you more flexibility in running different marketing campaigns using a singular QR code.

Ready to start integrating QR codes into your marketing strategy? IAS offers custom-designed Dynamic QR codes for only $50!

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