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Importance of Reviews on Social Media

Company reviews on social media are more important now, than ever before. Consumers are doing their research before they decide to do business with you and an astonishing 90 percent of respondents who remembered reading online reviews claimed that positive reviews influenced buying decisions. Additionally, positive reviews on Google Business have the potential to increase your search engine ranking. Yes- social media reviews are a huge deal.

Keep a Close Eye: It is important you reply to customer reviews left on your pages. Client reviews are a valuable marketing tool that help you engage with your target market and they are a great customer service tool. Use the opportunity to address customer issues professionally and demonstrate you care.

Ask For Reviews: Remind those who are passionate about your brand or had a good experience to share these. Many times, consumers only think to review a business when something goes wrong, so why not ask them when something goes right? Keep in mind that asking in person is very effective!

Quantity AND Quality: Trust isn’t automatic when it comes to social media reviews. For half of respondents, their trust is only granted if there are multiple reviews to read. One positive review just doesn’t cut it. The other half’s trust is dependent on authenticity. Nobody wants to be tricked by a fake review written by the owner or associates of a business.

Showcase Your Positive Reviews: Take your good reviews and turn them into marketing creative. Make content with these reviews so the next time a potential customer visits your Facebook or Google Business page, they see the positive words of other customers to look to.

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