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Importance of Personalization in Marketing

Are you wondering what has the potential to make your print marketing more effective? Personalization is the key to keeping customers talking about your business (no matter the size). Creating relevant content and messages for a particular audience is the core of marketing, but it can seem like a daunting task.

Technology and the internet make it easier to capture a multitude of audiences, but it is proven direct mail still produces quality ROI. Did you know that according to USPS, 47% of Millennials eagerly check their mailboxes on a daily basis? A huge percentage of them want to feel good from getting personalized mail. If it doesn’t automatically appeal to the recipient, it is getting thrown away.

Because Millennials value individuality and are commanding more spending power, there are numerous direct mail techniques that are effective. It is obvious digital marketing is not going anywhere, so it is essential to bridge the gap between your physical and digital channels. Ideas include postcards with a coupon for items in an abandoned shopping cart or welcome kits for new clients.

One thing that print marketing does is the ability to deliver real, tangible quality. In addition to personalizing your marketing, print-quality plays a factor in whether or not it gets thrown away. Even people that aren’t experts can tell if a mailer was printed on high quality paper and designed by professionals.

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