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How To Write The Perfect Marketing Email

Many small business owners find the concept of email marketing daunting. If you don't consider yourself a writer, the thought of sending an email to an entire list is scary! Luckily, the perfect email marketing campaign consists of more than just writing. Here are some tips for business owners to create an effective email.

Start With a Catchy Subject Line: The average office worker receives more than 120 emails per day on average. That it a large number and it definitely means you have to do something to capture your readers' attention right off the bat: creating a strong subject line. Ideas include creating a sense of urgency ("Sale Ends Tonight at 8pm"), offers your customers wouldn't want to miss out on ("Free Shipping On Orders Over $50") or providing value ("5 Tips For Creating The Perfect Logo"). Be sure to remember you can also include emoji within your eye-catching subject line.

Great Copy: This is where those that don't have strong writing skills get intimidated. Be sure to keep your copy concise, clear and helpful. Not only should you keep your sentences short and make what you're offering clear, but prevent confusion by avoiding technical speak. Because we all receive hundreds of emails every single day, it is obvious nobody has the time to sit down and read a thousand word email. You can also draw attention to important key words by making relevant text bold or including images that draw your readers' eyes to the most important part of the message.

Always Include a Call to Action: Once you've captured your readers' attention with relevant and exciting content, it is time to include a clear call to action to "bring it all home". If your email was about a promotion or sale, include an order button that takes the reader directly to your website. Whatever the case may be, make sure the call to action is relevant to the rest of the content and is set apart visually so it cannot be missed.

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