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How to Save Time Creating Content

When done properly, creating effective content takes time. The reality most likely is that you’re a busy entrepreneur with a ton on your plate. Luckily, there are ways to streamline the process, save time and still create content that is meaningful to prospective and existing clients.

Quality, Not Quantity: It is unnecessary to create a boatload of content. In fact, you’re better off posting less higher-quality content than spamming your platforms with a ton of low-quality posts. Consistency is also an important key to creating effective content. Most prospects need to see your brand several times before they’ll even think about doing business with you. Posting every single day and then going quiet for 2 weeks is not the best way to build an audience.

Create a Schedule: Creating a calendar or schedule for posting ensures that you’re creating high quality content on a consistent basis. Set aside a couple hours at the end of the month to plan your approach for the following month.

Refresh and Utilize Existing Content: Just because you’re posting content on a regular basis doesn’t mean that it all needs to be brand new. Get additional life out of old content by refreshing it a little.

Consider Outsourcing: There are a number of small businesses that aren’t big enough to build their marketing department, but are too big for the owner or management to handle marketing independently. This might be a good time to outsource some of your marketing efforts and content creation. Fortunately, it is easy to find many independent contractors that work remotely and can assist you. The process of content creation can take up a significant amount of time for small business owners. If you strategize and plan, you can continue to produce effective content without sacrificing too much time.

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