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How to Drive Engagement Using Facebook Insights

Social media gives brands the ability to connect to their customers directly. Platforms such as Facebook are great channels through which a business can interact with its audience and tailor content to fit current needs or interests. Brands need to determine which details produce the best results. This is why utilizing Facebook Insights and the vast amount of data it offers is essential.

Why? With over 1.4 billion active daily users, Facebook has incredible reach but its algorithm has changed, now prioritizing content from family and friends. It is now harder than ever to capture your audience’s attention. This is where Facebook Insights comes in. Understanding your page’s metrics gives you the information you need to make sure you’re posting the correct content in front of your preferred audience.

Check Back Often: Your Facebook Insights page is constantly updating, so it is essential to pay attention to any patterns you see developing. Taking note of patterns and posts that resonate is important in being able to develop a successful content strategy to engage your community.

Target Posts to Specific Audiences: Brands need to get personal when it comes to addressing prospects and customers. If you’ve got data on customers such as gender, location, device and purchase history (you can find many of these on your page’s Facebook Insights), use it.

Schedule Your Posts Properly: Scheduling the posting of your content for the appropriate time you know your audience will be online is essential in driving engagement. Not only can you save time by utilizing Insights to find out when your audience is online and scheduling your posts, but depending on your industry, your audience could have very different schedules than you do- especially audiences in different time zones.

Download Page Data: You can download Facebook Insight data about your page from the last 180 days by clicking ‘Export Data’ on the top right of the overview tab.

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