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How to Create an Effective Email Subject Line

Just like the content itself, the subject line for your email campaign should be carefully considered. Even if you created the best email, if nobody opens it, you’ll never be able to accomplish the goals behind your campaign. Here are some tips to help you create an email subject line that resonates and encourages readers to take action.

Be Direct: Email recipients do not like to be misled and many are lacking in time. As a result, vague subject lines likely result in the email being deleted. Try a concise and specific subject line to demonstrate to recipients that when they open your email, your content will deliver.

Be Bold: Having an email subject line that is controversial has the potential to immediately grab the recipient’s attention. They’ll be curious about what the headline means or the direction your content takes based on how you lure them in.

The Superiority Illusion: By writing an email subject line that implies the recipient isn’t good enough, they’re more likely to open that email. Humans inherently want to feel better than everyone else as a result of being told they’re not good at something and have the potential to improve. Tread lightly- there is a fine line between commanding an individual’s attention and insulting them.

Use Cliffhangers: When people go see a movie and there is a cliffhanger, they feel compelled to want to resolve the conflict. This can be the case with email subject lines.. the recipients may be intrigued or bothered enough to open it in order to feel satisfied.

Make Them Feel Special: When people feel as if they’re on “the inside”, this has the potential to give them a sense of belonging that may build loyalty. The right phrasing can make the recipient feel special. Ideas include “Our Gift To You” or “You’re Invited to This Exclusive Event”.

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