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How to Build Customer Relationships

The value of a loyal, repeat customer is paramount to the success of any business. This is something that money cannot buy! Keep them coming back for more (along with their friends) with these tips.

Build Your Network: This includes business colleagues, professional acquaintances, prospective and existing customers, partners, suppliers, family and friends. Powerful relationships don’t happen one time at a networking event. Dedicate your time like your brand’s life depends on it!

Communicate Early and Often: Relationships have a short shelf life. No matter how witty and interesting you are, nobody is going to remember you from a one-time meeting. Utilize business cards, social media, direct mail and whatever resources you can think of. It is easier to keep a connection warm than to warm it up again when the trail goes cold. Repetition is key!

Utilize E-Mail Marketing to Maintain Relationships: Build your reputation as an expert in your industry by offering some free insight into your market. E-blasts are a perfect way to offer tips, advice and other content to entice consumers and leave them wanting more information. Contacts that find what you do interesting or valuable will forward your e-mail to others.

Rewards: Studies imply that a five percent increase in retention yields profit increases upwards of 25 percent. Also, on average, repeat customers spend 67 percent more than new customers. Are you doing enough to get them to want to work with you again? It doesn’t need to be much… a coupon or marketing a special event will suffice. If you don’t keep in touch by some medium, your competitors will!

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