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Generate Leads With Facebook Ads

Are you interested in generating more leads from your page? Facebook Ads are an effective way to drive engagement with your page, increase reach and spread brand awareness. In this blog, you’ll learn several lead generation strategies and discover how to ensure your ads are engaged with.

Set Your Goals: Before starting, you need to question why you are running the ad in the first place. Determine your goals ahead of time. By making sure your goals are aligned with your ad, it is much easier to measure the success of your Facebook Ad campaign.

Identify Your Target Market: Who do you want to see your ad? No matter what business you have or industry you’re in, it’s essential to know this. If you have several target audiences, you should make multiple ads targeting different segments. Generic ads intended to reach a massive audience won’t be as successful.

Optimize Your Images: An effective strategy to go by when creating the graphics for your ad is to make sure you include a person, baby or animal. These are the most effective types of images across all social media platforms. You can also encourage users to do a double-take and read your headline by utilizing odd and funny images. Be sure to keep it simple, as text rich and complicated ads have the tendency to get glossed over. Be sure to always use your brand’s logo and to test several strategies to see what works best with your target audience.

Utilize a Lead-Generating Landing Page: Sending your Facebook traffic to a landing page optimized for lead generation is one of the most effective ways to find a qualified lead and eventually convert. Try using contests where the prize is front and center of the ad and that drives your audience to enter with their email addresses. Another effective strategy is using free e-books and white pages. Simply ask the visitor to enter their email address in order to download.

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