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Five Reasons Every Real Estate Agent Needs A Website

Having a website is imperative for the majority of small businesses today. When it comes to the real estate industry, the reality is consumers turn to the internet when looking for new homes. This fact, along with the significant shift to a mobile internet, signifies real estate agents need to stay competitive by increasing their web presence. This starts with having a website. In this article, I will focus on the top reasons every real estate agent needs a website.

Build Brand Awareness Online: In today's world, consumers are searching for their services online. In 2017, more than half of buyers found the home they ended up purchasing online. If you are a Realtor that does not have a website, you may end up missing out. Though many agents obtain leads from referrals, it is important to utilize a website in establishing name recognition for brand awareness. This will result in more business in the long run.

Maintain Online Presence: Many agents rely on their firm's website and believe their single-page profile is enough for an online presence. There are issues with this. First, the agent is not in control because they are relying on the firm to refer leads. Secondly, when the agent decides to leave the firm, it will require that agent to start their online presence over again (which takes time).

Demonstrate Authority: Having your own real estate website gives you the platform to demonstrate your knowledge of the industry and position yourself as a local authority. This is important for new agents, as they may not have testimonials yet and must rely on other methods to show credibility.

Build A Mailing List: If you're a new agent, you most likely have a small sphere. Your mailing list is most likely just friends and family. Though it may be difficult to get those first additions, having a website can definitely help! You can provide a valuable resource for site visitors (such as a newsletter) and they must enter their information in order to obtain that resource. It is a win-win for both parties.

Educate Your Clients: Make your clients learn about you and the services you offer while confirming that they made the right choice by selecting you as their Realtor. Providing tools such as loan information, mortgage calculators, home buyer tips and access to the MLS listings will increase the value of your site. Make it so that your website is the only place they need to go.

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