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Five Insanely Effective Real Estate Marketing Tips From Top Producers

If you're a real estate professional wanting to grow your business, it is evident marketing plays a huge role in grabbing the attention of prospective clients. Whether you're trying to break into the industry for the first time or have been in business for years, here are some effective real estate marketing ideas top agents utilize to grow their business.

Build a Website: It is a given that many consumers nowadays use the internet to investigate products and services before buying. By creating a website for your real estate business, you have the opportunity to show potential clients what you have to offer. Use an IDX to include listings on your site and capture leads.

Create a Blog: By creating a blog, updating its contents regularly and optimizing it for SEO, you can ensure your posts show in search results. You should also make it easy for readers to navigate to your main website and your other online profiles so they can more easily learn about you. Lastly, utilize captivating images within your blog (such as infographics) to grab the attention of visitors.

Email Marketing: By sending regular e-blasts (whether it's your latest blog postings, current listings or state of the market), you will remain at the top of recipients' minds. Though they may not be ready to do business the first time they receive an email from you, that may change down the road and they will be more likely to call you the next time they receive one.

Use Paid Social Media Promotions: Facebook and Instagram are excellent tools to get in touch with homebuyers and promote your listings. Robust targeting tools enable you to reach potential customers by targeting area, age, gender and more. Be sure to include high quality images and video to grab the attention of your target audience.

Get Branding: Branding is your best friend! This means creating a stunning logo and putting it on pens, koozies, cups and all those other "freebies" people love. Give them out at local festivals, open houses or other events to get people to spread brand awareness.

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