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5 Fall Marketing Tips

Now that the "back to school" has come and gone, it's time to reconsider your marketing plan for the upcoming season and its holidays. Ready to make the best of the changing seasons (or lack thereof depending on where you live) with a new marketing plan that brings prospects and old customers in during the lead-up to the holidays? Here are 5 expert tips to help you stay ahead of the curve and get a jump early on.

Keep In Touch Year-Round: Consumers are typically overwhelmed by the barrage of holiday sales, deals and promotions. Want yours to stand out? Then it's better if you're a familiar face. For your business, this means promoting throughout the year and sending out communications regularly. Be active on social media year-round and not just during major holidays. The more familiar your prospects and audiences are with your brand, the more likely they'll want to buy from you.

Plan Ahead: It's best to plan your marketing strategy and budget for it ahead of time in order to increase engagement and ROI and decrease stress. Try creating a content calendar of possible social media posts, blogs and e-mail newsletters. Another idea is to create a list of any upcoming promotions, announcements or events that you plan on highlighting during the season and utilizing them for your posts.

Switch Up Your Social Media Branding: One of the best features about social media is the ability to update your page's look quickly and easily. While you definitely want to keep your overall branding consistent, social media is a great place to add seasonal touches or images to your marketing. Simply updating your cover photo with fall foliage, for example, can attract attention and increase engagement.

Reconnect With Existing Customers: Look at your customer base you've gained earlier in the year and take note of which ones haven't been purchasing recently. Create a robust direct-mail marketing campaign based on special holiday offers. Beautifully-designed custom postcards that showcase your branding and promotion with a personalized message make your customer feel as if you're speaking directly to them.

Participate in Local Events: No matter what area or community you live in, there's bound to be a fall festival somewhere. Take this time to set up a booth or get even more involved by sponsoring the event. Fall festivals bring significant crowds within an allotted time, so your brand has the ability to gain maximum exposure within a short time frame. While it can be work-intensive, you have the potential to receive major ROI if you plan and market accordingly.

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