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Email Marketing is Alive and Thriving

Email marketing provides a high return on investment and remains one of the best ways to build brand awareness. It allows you to stay at the top of clients’ minds and consistently convert leads into sales. Understand the importance of keeping in touch so you continue to see repeat customers or gain their referrals for potential clients. Below are some of the reasons why email marketing still works.

Emails Relay Information More Accurately

Unlike a phone call, an email can contain photos, videos, and links. This gives your clients a much more visual representation of what you are trying to tell them. Sometimes you just can’t describe what you see as well as you think you can and leave your clients with half an idea rather than a full one. This is where you can use email to your advantage and really capture the client’s attention with a graphic or video.

Most Consumers Prefer Email

Nowadays, we don’t even pick up half the calls we get because we assume they are spam calls. Surveys indicate that consumers’ preferred method of contact for commercial communications is email. Email is more timeless than speaking on the phone, meaning you have the freedom to read and reply at a time that is convenient for you. Email also provides a record and a keep safe so you are able to go back and refer to past conversations you’ve had.

Email Campaigns Generate a Phenomenal ROI

The average email marketing campaign provides a 4,200% ROI. Email gives you the freedom to reach as many consumers as you’d like for a minimal cost. These campaigns also provide impressive conversion rates. Studies have estimated that those who implement email marketing campaigns on a regular basis have 50% more leads than others.

Email Keeps You Connected & Brings Back Customers

If you help someone find their first home, chances are they are going to give you a call when they’re ready to sell. If they have a friend or a family member looking to buy or sell in the area, they are more than likely going to recommend you for the job. You want to make sure they remember you by constantly seeing your name and keeping them updated on what’s been going on in your career & personal life.

Professionals can give their marketing efforts a significant boost by utilizing email marketing. You can increase ROI, generate more leads, gain strong relationships, and boost your business to the next level. Want to utilize email campaigns but don’t know how? IAS Marketing Services has you covered!

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