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DOs and DON’Ts of Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing to potential customers can be incredibly effective and lucrative if done properly. Here are several tips to make sure you get the biggest ROI from your direct mail campaign.

Don’t Clutter Your Direct Mail: There’s nothing worse than overwhelming your direct mail recipient with a ton of words, figures and calls to action. Your goal should be to keep your flyer, postcard or newsletter as clean as your website, but scaled down. Choose wisely when it comes to images and the content you include.

Do Understand Your True Objective: Make sure you voice your intentions clearly with your mailer. The key to an effective direct mail piece that delivers results is to choose one main objective and include a call to action and details that adhere to this goal.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up: For those people that end up responding to your mailer, it is important to follow up with them in some form or another. A simple ‘thank you’ note or another promotion will suffice.

Do Test, Measure and Repeat: You have to start small and then measure your success before sending out more. Keep in mind, small can mean several hundred or a few thousand depending how large your business is. Be sure to track where you orders and leads came from.

Don’t Forget to Proof Read: Make sure your brochures, flyers or postcards look perfect and professional. One typo may cost you in the long run!

Do Send Multiple Mailers Per Year: For maximum results, consider sending five to six mail outs per year.

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