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Digital vs Print Marketing- Which is Best?

In an increasingly digital world, many brands are utilizing digital marketing strategies as the primary way to connect with audiences. The reality is that traditional marketing tactics are still effective- especially when used in combination with digital tactics. So how does one develop a plan that maximizes the effectiveness of each channel?

First, in order to create goals for each medium, start with determining what you want to ultimately achieve. For example, if a business is trying to spread brand awareness, it might want to focus on social sharing as well as increasing likes on social media.

Once you ascertain what your company is trying to achieve, determine your audience’s preferences. Because our world is getting increasingly noisy, in order to obtain full consumer attention, marketing messages should be personalized and relevant. Gathering basic demographic information will assist you in being able to pinpoint which channel to utilize to reach them.

Still not sure which media to use? Go back to your data to find the answer. Which campaign has resonated the most in the past? What channel produced the best ROI with the audience you were attempting to reach? Studying past campaigns and determining why they worked or didn’t is important in developing effective marketing strategies.

Finally, determining how different channels play into your strategy helps identify the correct channel for a given audience and coordinating those channels to work together. Just because you have the ability to utilize every channel doesn’t mean you necessarily should. Ultimately, the best marketing often results from a combination of both digital and print tactics, developed from complete understanding of consumer behavior and expectations. Defining your target audience’s preferences in light of your overarching objectives bring you a lot closer to developing a marketing plan that delivers.

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