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Data-driven Marketing & Your Digital Footprint

Dictionary.com’s definition of digital footprint reads: “one’s overall impact, impression, or effect as manifested on the Internet; online presence or visibility, as of a person or company.” Undoubtedly, this is something that you (as a marketer of your brand) would want to completely own. You want to win the Stanley Cup of digital footprints on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all other digital areas of the web that are pertinent to your company’s success. Here are a few key reasons why you should enlighten yourself and utilize a prominent digital strategy for your company:

  1. Everyone else is using it.

Forget the “if someone jumped off a bridge…” motto. It most certainly does not apply in marketing. Some of the world’s largest companies are leveraging social media as their main marketing strategy and gaining more traffic than they ever dreamed of. Nike, Pizza Hut, Old Spice, Starbucks, you name it—all are completely owning the social sphere with their marketing efforts.

  1. Interact with your audience. They’re online.

Social media—the king of online marketing, offers you a cost-effective way to specifically target your desired audience in a fraction of the time it would take you to reach your audience with print materials. You can also see what your target audience is doing on social media at any time. What are they posting? What are they looking for? Can you help alleviate their needs? Know your audience and see how your services can meet their needs.

  1. Your audience is mobile—all day.

If you’re not familiar with what mobile marketing is, you’re already behind the 8 ball. According to Forbes.com, 91% of adults have their smart phone within arm’s reach at all times throughout the day and while they’re sleeping. That is real life, folks. People live in a digital world for the majority of the day—especially those who use the internet for work (who doesn’t…really?).

  1. Connect with your social following.

You must connect and build a rapport with your online audience. Again, social media is the most impactful form of digital networking there is. Reach out to people through your local Chamber of Commerce directory. Direct message certain Facebook followers who tend to share and “like” your posts. Join and interact in social media groups that are relevant to your target audience or your industry.

  1. Social Media owns the Art of Call-To-Action

How often have you seen an incentive on Facebook or Instagram and clicked on it because of how enticing it was? Probably often. Companies are becoming smarter and smarter when it comes to how it incentivizes their products and services. Digital platforms can reach more people at once than print. You can do an e-mail marketing campaign or Facebook boost in less than 10 minutes and reach thousands of people. Imagine if you implemented sale, new product, incentive or some sort of call-to-action out boosted out to 500-1,000 people within your target audience. How can you beat that?

  1. Stay Relevant

You’ve got to keep up with the 21st century, period. The days of having a radio spot and a couple billboards around town are gone. That just won’t suffice in 2017. You have to reach your audience on the web. You cannot survive in a digital world with all tangible tools. You must have a balance– tangible and digital marketing, both. You can’t have one without the other. A well-rounded marketing strategy with a powerhouse digital strategy is what will get you noticed.

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