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The Darling Digest: July 2017 Edition

The Darling Digest: July 2017 Edition

June was an incredible month for #teamIAS. We are laying out new topics for classes in IAS University. We plan to keep the education training going, as we love seeing the gears turning and light bulbs going off with all of our students. Now in July we are in the heat of summer and we are still busy as ever. We are seeing new faces at MLS and welcoming new faces in the door to our office looking for new marketing services. Summer is never dead around here…it only heats up! On the East coast our Realtor board Greater Fort Lauderdale Realtor Association has joined forces with the Realtor Association of the Palm Beaches. This is very exciting news as we will be showing our faces to a growing number of people—making new friends and building new relationship across the state. We will also be looking to host some classes within the association, as well. Keep enjoying summer in the Sunshine State, everyone. We hope everyone had a very happy and safe 4th of July!

Tina’s Tip

One of the biggest fallacies in marketing is that you need to have a robust network in order to gain and maintain business. While this is thinly true (to an extent), the statement is not an absolute truth. In a perfect reality, it is proven that if you start with a small, loyal and influential audience/clientele base, you will grow faster than starting off with a larger and less influential following.

Influence is the key. This is what we preach in every Social Media class we have at IAS—“How can you influence your audience to influence others?” Influence meaning: persuading your followers to use your services and making them get so much out of your services that they decide to spread your information to more and more people. Thus, echoing a rave of your products and/or services and creating more and more traffic. Here’s some advice: Don’t just aimlessly hand out business cards to people at networking events who are solely there to sell to you and not buy from you anyway. They are there for the exact same reason you are. The best networkers have figured out that the way to get connected to the right people is to deliberately target them. This is why using strategic marketing campaigns involving direct mail, e-mail, and social media ads are your best shot of virtually shaking hands with potential clients. Get out there and build quality relationships!

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