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The Darling Digest: August 2017 Issue

As a small (but growing) local business here in beautiful Sarasota, our goal has always been to offer a cost-effective and convenient one stop shop solution to small business owners and Realtors. Thus, we’ve been hard at work over here this summer partnering with new vendors and investing in the growth of IAS and its services. We are ramping up business across the state and we hope to be lowering prices on direct mail and various print items soon. In addition, we will be offering apparel, hats, decals, and other promotional items for our customers. We are always adding new elements to our practice and perpetually thinking outside the box to be the best service we can be.

Another exciting thing happening is right around the corner, next week our very own Elizabeth Reynolds is traveling to Chicago! She will be representing the Young Professional Network from RASM at the Annual National Association of Realtors® Leadership Summit in hopes of spreading the word about the wonderful achievements our YPN has done locally.

Tina’s Tip

A well-rounded (see image below) marketing plan makes a happy business owner. Imagine a basketball player only being able to dribble with his left hand. Well, that player is undoubtedly one-dimensional in his/her effectiveness on the court. Make sure you’re covering all the bases when it comes to your marketing game plan.

While this may be considered a no-brainer, you’d be surprised to find out that even in 2017 many small companies still do not have a website or social media pages—or if they have them they look as though they were created with crayons and block templates. Don’t be that person! Create alluring landing pages with plenty of information for visitors to sift through. Make sure you’re using SEO on your sites with keywords and blogs, as well. Make sure your visitors view your site as a valuable tool and resource. This will rank you higher on search engines across the web.

Another dimension is to make sure you compliment your digital strategy with print material such as ads, direct mail, promo items and collateral material. Don’t neglect the power of print within your marketing strategy, or you will lose a major core of your audience, despite living in a “digital age.” You can find out more on how to create a wholesome and effective marketing strategy in one of our IAS University’s Lunch & Learns!


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