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Bridging The Gap Between Social Media and Email Marketing

If done correctly, email marketing and social media can work together in tandem to increase leads as well as develop brand awareness with your target audience. Upon primary examination, many feel as if e-blasts and social media marketing are on completely different ends of the spectrum. This is untrue as they undoubtedly have the potential to benefit your marketing efforts.

It's been long established that social media marketing is effective for numerous types of businesses. The same has been proven with email marketing. People opt in to e-blasts because they are genuinely interested in newsletters and other promotional materials from a given business. Additionally, brands have the ability to cultivate a sense of loyalty through email marketing by providing personalized, useful content to the recipients' inboxes every day. Billions of individuals start their days by checking their inboxes. A significant amount of these people prefer to receive marketing materials electronically.

Though many brands stand behind the effectiveness of email marketing, they view social media as inconsequential. Social media not only helps attract new customers, but it gives a voice to your brand. When utilized together, they can provide great ROI. By including links to your brand's social media pages within marketing emails, you can give those that opt in to your emails new opportunities to engage with your brand as well as your content.

Believe it or not, if approached creatively and memorably, effective digital marketing incorporates both email marketing and social media strategies.

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