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Myths About Marketing



  1. When a product is cheaper, more customers will buy it.
  2. Having a lot of options for buyers is a good idea.
  3. Once a business has a good looking website, they’re all set.
  4. Having only regular text posts is good enough.
  5. Good marketing doesn’t need a bunch of technology.
  6. Your product (as a business) is one that everyone wants.


There are a few misleading myths when it comes to marketing. Most people believe that when a product is cheaper than the competition’s, more customers will buy it just for the lower price. This is not entirely true because without proper advertising and marketing strategies, a business’ presence may not be known to buyers. Therefore, insufficient sales will occur, disproving this myth. Going along with the sales topic myths, having heaps of options for buyers isn’t always a smart idea. This gives buyers a greater chance of backing out of a sale because of not being able to make a decision; thus, causing a business to lose a customer they could’ve had if they did not have an overwhelming amount of options.


Another common marketing myth is that once a business has a good-looking website, they are all set. Not quite, since customers want updated and accurate information. Just because the website may be pretty, does not mean it will boost sales. If a business does not keep up-to-date with their site, then there is no point in having one. Having multiple posts of regular content will not always be enough either, contrary to popular belief. Posting pictures and/or other forms of media along with text can attract way more attention. People like to see visuals to accompany the information they are reading about. This could help them to better understand the points a business is trying to get across or even buy a product being advertised. Some have believed that good marketing does not need a bunch of technology to be successful. In this day and age, that is probably not a smart idea considering at least 62% of the adult population in the U.S. owns a smartphone. Over 40% have been recorded looking up real estate listings. Thus, social media is a huge part of advertising, since there is an opportunity to reach out to the millions of people who use it every day.


A lot of businesses also believe that their product is one that everyone wants. That is solely a bias opinion that they have on their product. Most people probably would not see the need in buying it or wanting to spend the money on it. The alternative mind set to this would be to have open-mindedness and reaching out the public to see what kind of services or products they would want or need. Keeping up with the new trends and throwing out these old marketing myths can save a business time and money, overall. Failure to do so could cause a decrease in sales and interest. Keep your potential clients interested!



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