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Benefits of Using Facebook Ads For Your Small Business

If you're a business located in the United States, your customers are most likely on Facebook. This is also true for most other countries. Facebook has more than two billion active users every day. If done properly, Facebook Ads can be a very effective marketing tool for your brand. Here are some benefits of utilizing Facebook Ads for your small business.

Robust Targeting: For the majority of small businesses, reaching as many people as possible typically isn't the goal (nor a realistic one). It is more effective to market directly to your target audience. Facebook Ads allows you to do this with its numerous targeting capabilities. Because so many people use Facebook every day, the company has a massive amount of information that can be used by businesses to target potential customers. From age and location to interests and behaviors, this level of targeting means you don't have to waste your marketing budget serving ads to people who will never be interested in what your business has to offer.

Excellent Reporting: Back in the days of traditional advertising, it was difficult to link advertising budgets with ROI (return on investment). When creating Facebook Ads for your small business, this connection is much clearer, minimizing the amount of your ad spend that is being wasted. With Facebook's insights, you can see reach, click through rate, cost per action and more, allowing you to see which ad strategies are more effective than others.

Lead Ads: Facebook Lead Ads are an excellent want to drive building your email list for a relatively low cost. These types of ads allow users to submit bits of information such as name, email and many other fields of your choice without having to navigate to a landing page. You can also remarket to users that opened the form and failed to submit it as well as create a "lookalike" audience to market to the same types of users that submitted your form.

Instagram Business: This is a great option for businesses that have a significant Instagram following but are having difficulty replicating it on Facebook. Similar to the page options on Facebook, this allows you to create ads based on Facebook behaviors. Furthermore, this can be effective for brands that are more focused on images, such as apparel, allowing businesses to utilize their following on Instagram to drive engagement and targeting on Facebook.

Video Content: Video is the best-performing content type on the platform, which is why many brands utilize it within their Facebook Ads. Utilizing video within your ads gives your business the opportunity for increased engagement with a smaller ad budget.

Call to Actions: CTAs are an essential part of both print and digital marketing. Facebook allows you to imbed call to action buttons within your Facebook Ad. The key to correctly utilizing CTAs with your ads is maintaining consistency between what your target audience reads in the copy, the link or carousel title and the specific button you utilize.

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