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Are you Utilizing Your Google Business Profile to its Full Potential?

Your Google Business Profile (previously known as Google My Business) is more important now than ever before; it is essential for any company’s online presence. Think about it… where is the first place you go to look up a business, or anything really? Google, of course! So let’s discuss how you can use your Google Business Profile to its full potential.

Have you heard of Google Posts?

This is a feature introduced in 2017 but has recently become increasingly popular among business owners. Google Posts give business owners the power to post content directly into the search engine results pages. THAT IS HUGE! These posts show up in the local panel on Google search and on Google Maps.

What do I post on my Google Business Profile?

Similar to Facebook and Instagram, you can create and share daily announcements, current specials or promotions, new product launches, or promote any upcoming events. Your Google Posts can include photos and videos with simple descriptions, a Call-to-Action (CTA), or even a direct link to drive traffic to your website (or wherever you want to lead them).

The key to a successful Google Business Profile post is to keep it relevant! This platform gives your customers a quick and easy way to access business information and updates without having to search the depth of the internet. This is an ideal place to share relevant content with people who are already Googling you.

Say a potential customer Googles you, your business profile will pop up on the right side of their screen. They can view your hours of operation, location, reviews…oh, and your Google Posts! Just like that, your specials for this month are right in front of their face, encouraging them to make that purchase because guess what? That promotion is going to end in a week. Now FOMO is setting in. You have created a sense of urgency in their mind, making them want your product/service even more.

See how effective your Google Business Profile can be? If you are looking to increase your digital presence, Google is the place to post!

IAS Marketing Services is proud to offer the Google Business Profile platform as an add-on service to our monthly social media marketing packages for an additional $99 per month. Our team of marketing experts is ready to digitally grow your business!

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