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A Local’s Guide to Vegas in the Summer

Despite the extreme change in the Vegas weather during the summer months, locals are typically not disturbed by the 115-degree days. Guests are still visiting from around the world and there are fun activities for everyone to indulge in.

Pool Season: Whether you enjoy swimming and lazing in the sun or partying and seeing top-notch artists and DJs, tourists and locals alike take pool season in Vegas very seriously. Las Vegas swimming pools range from quiet, small, secluded and relaxing to expansive complexes that feature swim-up blackjack, lazy rivers, performances and more.

Electric Daisy Carnival: As May comes around with its triple-digit temperatures, Vegas shows no signs of slowing down. One of the biggest events that will attract people from all over is the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC). EDC weekend brings thousands of attendees to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to divulge in the electronic and dance music scene. There are numerous stages, DJs, games, rides, outrageous outfits and more.

Water Parks Open: Sunny, dry days with high temperatures make Vegas a perfect haven for water parks. Typically open by Memorial Day, Las Vegas residents have a choice of two large water parks (Wet ‘n Wild and Cowabunga Bay) on opposite sides of the valley. These destination water parks are just a short drive from the center of the Strip (about 11 miles) and have a multitude of attractions to keep you cool this summer.

Fourth of July: Though July Fourth is celebrated all over the country, few can match the fireworks show that the The Strip puts on. Hotels up and down The Strip work together and spend millions on an incredible show that lights up the entire city. There are many spots around Vegas from which you can view this amazing presentation.

Shows Galore: This is an excellent reason to visit Vegas any time during the year, but especially during the summer season as it means more time indoors… especially during the day time. Major shows such as Cirque du Soleil do not offer matinees, but there are a variety of afternoon shows available (Blue Man Group) that offer tickets at discounted rates.

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