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7 Social Media Trends to Watch in 2021

Social media popularity continues to grow as brands consistently promote their products and services online.  In 2020, we reached over 3.6 billion social media users globally.  Now brands are wondering, what’s the next best social media trend to utilize?

Social Media is making massive changes and taking lead as the most profitable channel for brands in 2021. Stay ahead of the game and watch out for these seven social media trends.

Remixing User & Influencer Generated Content

What’s that?

Users take snippets of existing content to create something completely new. Choosing parts of songs, lyrics, images, and videos and mixing them together to create new content. This is seen mainly on TikTok.

Why is this important?

In modern-day marketing, content authenticity is key. Brands that leverage influencer-generated content through remixing and mash-up campaigns will connect with their audiences more effectively now and into the future.

Social Media Ephemeral Content

What is it?

Content that lasts for a limited period of time, usually 24 hours. After the allocated time period is up, the content will be deleted. Facebook and Instagram stories are prime examples of ephemeral content.

Why is it important?

It generates a sense of urgency that brands can use to create more engagement. The scarcity effect of those types of posts encourages users to act now, even if only to consume an image, video, or message before it expires.

Short Social Media Videos

What is it?

Short-form videos are comprised of either bite-sized chunks of long-form content or short video snippets. The duration of these videos is limited. Examples include Instagram stories and TikTok.

Why is it important?

Studies show that video is the most desirable form of content. Consumers crave snackable content, meaning they want you to get to the point quickly before they lose interest altogether. As attention spans continue to shrink, users are inclined to invest only two minutes or less in a video. This forces creators to be concise and compelling in a shorter period of time. Short videos are great to use on organic social media pages or for use in social commerce campaigns.

Social Media Live

What is it?

This is when users share live talks or events, in real-time, using the live feature on their social media platforms.

Why is it important?

Nowadays, many brands are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, and Twitter to live stream events, Q&As, tutorials, and other content. This type of content keeps followers engaged with a brand by bringing an event they otherwise might not be able to attend directly to their screens. Viewing video content via live stream creates an elevated sense of connection between the viewer and the creator. Brands that learn to leverage social media live tools on their own channels or with the help of influencers can build brand affinity among members of their community.

Connect and Conversational Marketing

What is it?

Tools and techniques that engage customers one-on-one regarding product questions, recommendations, feedback, or customer support.

Why is it important?

User experience is a crucial part of what motivates consumers to buy. Providing real-time feedback or creating connected marketing campaigns helps create a positive user experience. The goal is to create captions that are inviting and relaxed. Consumers want the feeling of talking to a friend. Consider asking your followers questions or telling stories to increase engagement levels. Brands that apply this strategy have the ability to boost conversions by as much as 30%.

Social Commerce

What is it?

Social Commerce is the ability for customers to shop and purchase products within their social networks. Posts normally include tags with the prices of each featured item. Instagram shopping and Facebook shops are great examples of Social Commerce.

Why is it important?

As brands are shifting to doing business purely online, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok are racing to develop more online business marketing solutions like shopping capabilities. Facebook Shops and Instagram Shoppable posts allow consumers to buy a product seen in a post without having to leave the app, adding a convenience factor.

Augmented Reality

What is it?

Augmented reality puts the user in the center of the content, as seen with applications that let you “try on” glasses, make-up, or clothes. This is seen mainly on Snapchat and Instagram as filters that allow you to do virtual try-ons.

Why is it important?

Mobile devices are equipped with increasingly more powerful cameras. Social media connects people with more tools to make users feel as though they are in the room or trying out a product. This impressive technology creates huge opportunities for brands and consumers to engage on a new level.

The digital media world is ever-evolving and staying up-to-date on the latest trends and platforms to utilize is essential for your business. The best thing you can do is continue to research trends, online consumer behaviors, and track data to determine what strategies are the most effective.

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