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5 Ways to Beat the Competition Using Visual Marketing

Even in a normal, day-to-day conversation, visual senses play a significant part of conveying and receiving messages. It has even been proven that 93% of human conversation is nonverbal. Therefore, when it comes to traditional and digital marketing, graphics and videos are the most effective tool. Here are five ways to give yourself an edge against the competition using visual marketing:

Fun and Humor: These are two vital elements that should not be overlooked. Look through your Facebook Newsfeed and you’ll notice that the majority of shared content is posted because it entertains, inspires or is humorous in some way. The key is striking the perfect balance between entertaining and informing when creating content.

Aim to go Viral: Remember the famous ALS Ice Bucket Challenge or the Coke bottles with peoples’ names on the label? These campaigns spread like wildfire and marketers should make unique content that has the potential to go viral. Memorable, hyper-social and fun to share should be some characteristics to aim for.

Remove Language Barriers: Marketers should aim to go beyond language barriers through imagery in order for brands to gain a wider audience. Showing can be a lot more effective than telling and visual cues are invaluable for getting everyone on the same page, thinking more creatively about new solutions.

Utilize Quality Photos: Did you know that 72% of millennial women say that images are important for mobile shopping? Because the majority of consumers use images for making purchasing decisions, it is essential to make sure the images in your content are the best quality. A lack of quality photos can work against a brand.

User-Generated Content: Customers don’t necessarily need to hear from a brand directly all the time. They want to hear what other customers think. User-generated content, especially photos, are a trusted resource for potential future customers as they tend to trust other customers. Don’t ignore this unlimited visual marketing potential!

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