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5 Tips to Make Your Direct Mail Campaign More Effective

With all the digital marketing that is going on, many forget the potential ROI a well-done direct mail campaign can bring. Because many are getting bombarded with digital campaigns, a mail piece that is thoughtfully designed has the potential to truly stand out. Here are some tips to make your direct mail strategy more effective:

Generate New Leads: Consider joining an organization that is relevant to your industry where the members are your target market. Create a special offer such as a free quote, a type of discount, etc. and send them an introduction with your offer.

Strengthen Relationship with Existing Customers: Mail out a handwritten- style thank you letter from the CEO that shows appreciation for their business. Because thank you letters are rare nowadays, this idea can really stand out.

Upsell: Everyone loves a deal! Send out an exclusive offer to your existing customers showing them you appreciate their business.

Don’t Assume Your Customer Knows Everything: Because an educated customer is one that is more willing to make a purchase, your headline should draw their attention to the body copy. If your headline is catchy and provokes imagery, the customer is more likely to crave more information. Because the potential customer is most likely scanning, use words that are easy to understand yet descriptive enough to get your message across.

Consider the Medium: What will your message be delivered on? Postcards are effective because they cut down a barrier (the envelope) between your target market and the message. Sometimes, direct mail is more appropriate when crafted as a letter, especially for high-dollar sales and financial services. Think carefully about your product and the message you’re trying to convey before choosing the medium. Inexpensive paper communicates something different from high quality paper.

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