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5 Tips for Giving Your Brand a Consistent Voice

1. What does your organization stand for? Picture your organization as a person. How would you describe this person? Snarky? Matter-of-fact? Intelligent? Consider how you would express these traits in writing form. Try and write this description in a way that is relatable to a group rather an individual. Your brand voice will be heard only if you make the audience feel as if they are engaging with an actual person. Use common words, digestible sentences and an active voice.

2. Be receptive to your audience. Paying attention to your follows and seeing how they are engaging with each other will help you adapt your voice to reach them more effectively.

3. Consistency is key. Every single status update, image, shared content, etc. is a representation and reinforcement of your brand voice. This is where the majority of your prospective followers will first see you and where many followers are going to engage with you, so pay attention to making sure their experiences are consistent.

4. Create a style guide. Make style guides reference available to everyone who will share social media content for your organization to ensure consistency in the brand voice, terminology, grammar, and even the color, design, and font choices used in all social media content.

5. Make sure everyone is on the same page. If you have more than one person creating and sharing social media content on behalf of your organization, make sure they are all using the style guide to create content. Getting buy-in and consistency from your team is the best way to use your organization’s brand voice.

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