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5 Print Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

It is important to have a diverse marketing strategy. Because not everyone goes on social media, it’s essential to have an offline strategy as well. There are staples such as business cards, but there are several other methods as well.

Consider local publications: Many people still read their local newspaper and it is likely that these same people are the ones not seeing your digital marketing. You can buy some ad space for your brand depending on what size you want and your budget. A more inexpensive way is to try and become a guest columnist. What you write about could be based on local news, business tips, or even answering readers’ questions.

Give out promotional items: Promotional products are a great way to get leads as they help customers form an emotional connection. There are plenty of different items to choose from as well. Make sure you have a great logo to put on them and you can take them to community events to distribute in addition to handing them out at your place of business. Apparel has a great ROI because people essentially become a walking billboard for your business.

Utilize direct mail: By using direct mail, you can target specific neighborhoods near your business to let residents know where you are located and what your business does. Be careful not to make your design too busy or people will have the tendency to overlook it and toss it in the garbage.

Get your name out with yard signs: Have some branded signage made for your friends and family to put out in their yards or even across town. These signs will help build your name and brand recognition. Make sure the design will stand out.

Adopt a road: This is a print marketing strategy that is a bit more indirect. Adopting a highway or an area park will show your business’s commitment to the community. People that see your business on the sign will think of your business as civic-minded and will remember it if they are in need of a service you provide. This is also likely to be more inexpensive than a billboard.

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