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5 Email Marketing Tips for Better Engagement

Email holds one of the top positions for influential sources of information, and has for quite a while. With an average ROI of 3,800% and 3.7 billion users globally, it is predicted to grow significantly in the coming years. Though these statistics are great for email marketers, competition is high and it is easy to let your campaign grow stagnant. Here are some tips to create and implement effective email strategies.

Send Relevant and Expected Emails: It is a common tendency among marketers to send e-blasts only when they have something to say. This can lead to customer frustration and unsubscribing. Be sure to send at least one email per month and try utilizing incentives.

Don’t Send Useless Emails: Be sure to know your subscribers. When you write only about a product, ignoring customer interests and focusing only on sales, your email can be very ineffective. Learn about your customers’ fears, doubts and prejudices on your product or service and decide how you can debunk them in your emails. Try to be creative and useful making readers want to share them with friends.

Be Systematic: Make a long-term marketing plan and decide on the perfect days and time to send your e-blasts. It is unwise to send emails to potential customers whenever you want as there is likely to be a low open rate and a large number of those unsubscribing.

Utilize Pre-Headers: A pre-header is text appearing after a subject line of your email. Some email marketers ignore it, though it’s another opportunity to grab the attention of those of your lists and motivate them to click. Try adding a hook with value or offer a call to action.

Make Sure Your Emails Are Visually Appealing: Make sure that your emails don’t look like they came from the 90s. If someone has opened your email because of a captivating heading, you want to keep their attention. Use short paragraphs, ensuring that keywords and relevant phrases stand out. Include bullet points to allow readers to skim the content for vital points. Be sure that you use high quality images and that they illustrate your message.

Test Your Emails: Never send anything out before making sure it is working properly. Double check that they look the way you want them to by sending them to employee accounts. Ideally, view them on major mail providers such as Gmail and Outlook. Also, test them on a variety of mobile devices.

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