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5 Easy Summer Marketing Tips

Summer is finally here and with all the changes in the weather comes the opportunity for you to give your brand’s marketing strategy a boost and use a seasonal “hook” to promote your company. A seasonal marketing campaign is one of the best methods to keep your clients engaged during the year’s hottest months. Looking for some ideas? Try some of these methods!

Take Lots of Photos: What better way to capture your business interacting with smiling, happy customers than during the summer? Social networks are the perfect opportunity to share them and as a result, increase the number of people engaging with your page.

Focus on Holidays: Fourth of July, Labor Day and Back to school are all perfect occasions to promote your business. You can utilize email marketing to send your customers a themed email for whatever sale, promotion or event you’re having around the holiday.

Weather and Local Events: Be sure to follow the weather and local happenings to promote your business. Social media and signage are excellent ways to do this. Sending out an e-blast is also a great method to help you capitalize on extra-hot or rainy days (“It’s going to be 100 degrees today- 20% off promotional water bottles).

Host Events: Now that school is out for the summer, throw a special event to get your customers together! If you’re a mortgage lender, for example, this might mean hosting a special class for realtors or those looking to purchase a home.

Sales: Consumers will definitely be on the lookout for hot sales, especially as the Fourth of July and Labor Day come around. Be sure to take advantage of this and to discount items that might be relevant to the holiday.

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