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5 Blogging Tips for Your Small Business

There are numerous benefits to blogging on your business’s website. By writing posts related to business, you can help establish yourself as an authority within your industry and blogs help drive traffic to your company’s website. It is shown that businesses with blogs receive 55% more traffic than those without. Blogging can also help spark conversations between you and prospective customers. Here are five blogging tips to help your small business.

Plan Your Content: Are you going to address specific needs? Answer customer inquiries and problems? Is your tone going to be formal or casual? It is important to ask and answer these types of questions in order to give your blog focus and maintain consistency in content.

Utilize Visuals: Adding images and videos can help your readers engage with your page. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter so it is important for viewers to absorb key points when they get done reading. Research shows that people retain 65% of information when visuals are paired with written content.

Invite Guest Contributors: Because blogging can be time consuming, by inviting guest writers, you can give yourself a small break and introduce a fresh outlook and voice to your content.

Publish Industry News: Publish a weekly or monthly roundup of top articles that your customer base would be interested in, summarize them and demonstrate how each could help your readers. This can further help establish you as an authority within your industry.

Blog Consistently: You don’t have to have a perfect blogging streak, but it is important to strive for consistency. By posting four times in a week and going silent the next three months, your blog has the potential to go stale. Consider establishing a posting schedule to help.

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