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3 Highly Effective Marketing Tools to Help You Grow Your Sarasota Business

There are many tools available to help market your business in Sarasota but how do you know what will be most effective for you? The most important thing in marketing anything, from small businesses to major corporations, is to know your audience.

Here are a couple of sites that give demographic breakdowns of Sarasota:

It’s important to recognize that Sarasota boasts both a strong tourist trade and a senior, snow-bird, population. There are times when the market will change, grow, or diminish.

Here are three great ways to reach potential clients when marketing your Sarasota business:

Social Media: Use social media platforms that engage Sarasota audiences

There are many social media platforms that are highly effective marketing tools. If you’re trying to reach the majority of Sarasota’s population, which is mainly over 40, Facebook is your best bet. It’s easy to set up a business page and begin engaging with possible customers. Best of all, it’s free and reaches the whole world. Post daily, if possible and share posts often. For business to business engagement, join LinkedIn with a professional profile as well as a business one. Hitting the younger market? Get pictures and videos up on Instagram or Twitter. That’s where they hang out but post or tweet at least a couple of times each day. Reaching the female market? Pinterest is highly effective. Share recipes, creative tips, and anything visual.

Direct Mail: Use Direct Mail to target a specific demographic

Direct mail is an extremely effective marketing tool. Remember, “know your audience”. Look at the neighborhood demographics before spending money. Direct mailers should be eye-catching and offer a special deal. Great for service industries like restaurants, dry cleaners, and home repairs but have a professional design your direct mail campaign and help you choose the right placement.

SEO: Make sure your website SEO targets Sarasota residents and visitors

If you don’t have a professional, securely built, website, you’re not competing in the marketplace. By hiring a professional, you get the expertise of someone that understands organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) at a deep level. Your home page needs to have strong Key Words and phrases that will bring customers to your site when doing a Google search.

Sarasota is a wonderful place to live and work.
If you want professional advice on how to market your business here in paradise, give us a call.


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