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10 Reasons to Move to Vegas

When the majority of people think about Las Vegas, dazzling casinos, world-class entertainment and the over-the-top nightlife scene are one of the many things that come to mind. They are unaware that Vegas is actually one of the best places to live in the country! Here are 10 reasons why moving to Vegas would be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your life.

10. Low Cost of Living: Las Vegas is a reasonably priced city for putting down roots as the cost of living is only 3% higher than the national average. For homeowners, the cost of utilities is 10% less than the national average. The state also has no income tax!

9. People: Vegas is a diverse city filled with many from around the world. It is incredibly progressive and welcoming to almost anyone!

8. Economic Opportunity: For entrepreneurs and those looking to create a start-up, Vegas offers a ton of opportunity. It was recently rated as one of the top cities to launch a business or startup. Definitely a land of opportunity!

7. Sports: Whether you’re into rodeo, MMA, championship boxing, or college football, Las Vegas is a haven for sports lovers. Additionally, these sports are housed in state of the art facilities and arenas.

6. History: Anyone that decides to move to Las Vegas will discover a city filled with colorful history. From royalty and celebrities, to mobsters and prehistoric mammals, Vegas embraces its unique background.

5. Outdoor Activities: Vegas residents don’t have to go far in order to enjoy beautiful sites and outdoor recreation. From Red Rock Canyon to the Colorado River, the city has no shortage of convenient locations from which you can appreciate nature.

4. Job Market: The job market in Las Vegas provides a plethora of employment opportunities for the city’s residents. Though the largest employers are within the hospitality and entertainment sectors, there are a multitude of employers within the retail, technology, health and communications industries.

3. Food: Las Vegas is one of the ‘foodie’ Meccas of the world! There is nearly something for everyone in this food paradise! Not only is nearly every nationality represented in Vegas, but the city has thousands of restaurants covering everything from vegan cuisine to restaurants owned by celebrity chefs.

2. Weather: Though Vegas is almost always associated with the brutal heat of the desert, the weather is actually quite mild. The average annual temperature is 37 degrees, with temperatures rarely dipping below 45 degrees. Though it is indeed hot during the summers, it is not humid. Lastly, this is one place you definitely won’t need a snow plow!

1. Entertainment: This is the most obvious reason you should move to Vegas! You can’t even begin to compare the entertainment here with the rest of the US. It is not all about casinos and showgirls, though. Las Vegas offers entertainment for all ages. Cirque du Soleil, magic shows, and residencies for legendary performers are among the numerous types of entertainment here. You can enjoy something new every time!

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